Riot matchmaking algorithm

riot matchmaking algorithm

This whole system is fucked beyond belief. They're patenting their system that they have created for their games spectator mode, more accurately it is the algorithm that directs their automated camera that they are patenting. ChrisHarris Follow Forum Posts: I'd like to think that trying to put a patent on something that's already a heavily established thing would be immediately shot down, but I don't even know anymore. Posting something like this without knowledge of what it actually means in any real legal context is just silly. Maybe you could point me towards a company doing similar stuff or maybe you're a patent lawyer and can tell me those Riot patents are useless but that's not what I'm seeing here. In the wrong hands, I'm sure that it's more than sufficient leverage to file lawsuits against other developers and force some of them into settlements, but I doubt Riot is planning on doing that.

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from Jaxon riot matchmaking algorithm

League of Legends Matchmaking Explained, Myths Debunked

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What a fantastic idea!

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No one reads this shit, though. Don't have an account? People are mind-numbingly dense when it comes to this stuff.

riot matchmaking algorithm
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